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Skin Tight

Scenes: 4

Time: 76 min

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Description: Dino Appleseed: Chunky coed Shannon Monroe isn't too bright. She can't read or write. She can't even count calories. But, she can suck the core out of an apple. And that is just the kind of thing that will take her to the head of Italian professor Dino Appleseed's class.Le Baggage Handler: Lisa Sparxxx is tired of being remedial and rotund. By going back to school, she hopes to learn enough shit to leave the baggage handling industry behind. But, French class is proving to be tough. It's not easy fucking someone in a foreign language.Chunky Puttana: Cute pudgy piglet Alyssa West has a learning disorder; she likes to suck cock in school. Tired of having Alyssa disrupt his class, her teacher decides to apply some good old fashioned corporal punishment on her bare bottom. Now that's smart!Douche That Fucker Out!: After learning that her professor is fucking all her classmates, chunky cunthole Zenovah Braeden wonders why he hasn't fucked her plump hairy hole yet. Is she too fat? Is she too smelly? Looking for an explanation, Zenovah decides to ask the only person who would know what turns her teacher on...his wife.

Starring: ,

Niches: BBW , Big Tit , Blonde , Blowjob , Facial , Hardcore , Lesbian , Natural , Toy

Scene 1 | 18 MIN

NICHES: BBW , Blonde , Blowjob , Facial , Natural

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Scene 2 | 21 MIN

NICHES: BBW , Blowjob , Facial , Hardcore

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Scene 3 | 18 MIN

NICHES: BBW , Big Tit , Blowjob , Facial , Natural

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Scene 4 | 19 MIN

NICHES: BBW , Lesbian , Toy

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