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Dane Productions

Scenes: 4

Time: 85 min

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Description: Princess/Dave Hardman:Her mother's boyfriend wouldn't stop touching her private areas, so she had to leave home. She was afraid if she stayed that his insatiable lust for her fresh pee-hole would get them caught by her mother. She knew that if that occurred, her mother would blame her. She had no choice but to runaway.Ashley Sage/Johnny Thrust:She was a schoolgirl by day and a hooker by night. She soon decides that druggin' and whorin' is easier that school. Much to the chargrin of her concerned father.Erica Sexton/Jay Ashley:A runaway who needed shelter and food falls into the hands of a man who is willing to exploit her needs for his physical pleasure.Baily/Bolivia:You see them everyday- bums that carry the sign, will work for food. This story tells the experience of one such bum that happens to be a female. One has to wonder, what happened to her in her young life to be put in such a compromising situation- just ripe for sexual exploitation.2001 AVN Award Nominee for Best Vignette Tape

Starring: , , , , ,

Niches: Blonde , Blowjob , Facial , Lesbian , Masturbation , Shaving

Scene 1 | 21 MIN

NICHES: Blowjob , Facial

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Scene 2 | 20 MIN

NICHES: Shaving , Blowjob , Facial

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Scene 3 | 21 MIN

NICHES: Lesbian , Masturbation

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